Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nakata retire!!!!!

Last night, Hide Nakata announced "retire" on his web site !!!!!
Suddenly! It’s huge news!
Every sports daily published it on top page.
He is 29 years old. too young...but good timing?!
At the “Nakata net cafe”, there were 8 big screens.
Last night at 9:00pm, be announced “Pay attention to the screen! We have received his comment.”
The screen has showed up his web site about announced “retire”.

What will he do next?
He said on this web site;
“Life is journey, journey is life”

Monday, June 26, 2006

knocked over

Samurai Blue was knocked out after finishing last in Group F with two losses and one draw, arrived at Narita Airport on Saturday afternoon after flying out of Frankfurt on Friday.

We recognized their effort and gave them a warm welcome,
But actually, some medias criticized them harshly.

Anyway, for Japanese team, it’s over....
I hope each player plays an active role around the world near future!

After knocking out, I remembered that I’ve not been to Nakata net cafe, yet!!!
Before closing, I’ve visited last week!
So I’ve showed you the photos.

There were many people yet.
It will open until finishing World cup, even if Japanese team were eliminated.
Inside the cafe, it takes large space than I think.
There are net space, table seat, softer seat, shop.....so nice.


I’ll enjoy World cup never ever!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Good job......

I can’t say anything......
Good try, good job.....
I would like to say to Kawaguchi especially.
Good save!

I’ve heard Shunsuke had a fever by catching cold.
But his trying was great,too.

Good try everybody!
I can’t say anything except it ....

Can we get 2 goal from Brazil???? God.......

Thursday, June 15, 2006

OMEDETOU! Germany!

Congratulations!!!!! German folks!!
I’ve watched it this morning!!!! since 5:00am!!!!
But soooooo exctiting!!! Cool!!
Really moved!
I could watch Ballack! cooooooool!

And Congratulations Neuville!
Luck guy? Maybe his skill and effort!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This morning, I said to my friend, "How was the last game?!" He just said "SAYONARA Zico". He angry about Zico's card.

As you know.......bites....God.........

I’ve stayed at the cafe, which has sold the ticket to watch the game using big screen a few week ago. My friend got it yet.

We went there about 30minits before, but there were much people waiting to enter.
We had the ticket, so could enter quickly and got good seat (in front of big screen!) like VIP.
Every staff put the blue uniform (and other counties too) and served special plate of World cup.
Of course, we put blue uniform too and had face painted of blue flag.

Yes.....we were sooooo exciting and in high gear!!!! ....until great goal of Shunsuke.
We had power until half time......

What do you think about dealing the card of Zico??
Lots of my friends said “SAYONARA Zico”.
too late for changing players! so ,too hard for players!
too late for coming OGURO and ONO.
Why didn’t he use INAMOTO? And MAKI????
I think Kawaguchi saved well, but too much attack, do you think so?
he was need much concentration and tension for long time....
Actually I fell losing ground to Australia since start.
Received too much shoot.

After the game, we went to home soon without drinking any more...

I hope your comment about the game!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tokyo has that World cup feel to it
Anywhere, we can see German goods or flag.

England won narrowly(?) by 1 against 0.
But I was more interested in Trinidad and Tobago on next game!
Honestly speaking, I don't have any information about the country.
Tobago??? But the game (with Sweden) was so cool. And the uniform is catchy for me.
It's my one of icon, I'll chase it since now! I think it's good team! (just my selfish comment)

Aaaaaaaand, 24hour to go Japan vs Auralia!!!!
I'll cheer at sports cafe!!!
I have to wear Bule one tomorrow!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Congratulations! German and Ecuador!

Zzzzzzzzz.......quite heard time...for...me Zzzzzz
Thanks God, today is Saturday.....I'll go to bed since now.
It's a pity I couldn't watch Michael Ballack.
But congratulations again! And happy birthday Klose!!!

Zzzzzzz..... I have to sleep.....for next one "England vs Paraguay".
I'll be back
Hasta la vista, baby